About May Smith Media

We’re a highly professional and down to earth team, who are dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients receive a first class experience whilst being seen and heard.

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Our Story

May Smith Media was founded in 2017 when co-owners and good friends, Blanaid May and Jade Smith, were travelling around Asia and living out of backpacks.

While they were travelling they set up a travel blog (Route J To B) which proceeded to do better than expected and landed them a number of paid gigs. This then led to the idea of marketing, designing and writing for other companies whilst on the road so that they could continue to travel without having to return to the 9 to 5 cubicle life.

Jade, who has a background in design and has worked with some of the biggest companies in Manchester combined her skillset with Blanaid, a self taught marketer with a passion for new ideas and strategies, which led to the birth of May Smith Media.

The coaching industry was also beginning to boom at that time so the agency threw themselves into the coaching niche and noticed a lot of marketing & design gaps that needed filling.

Since then the agency has grew tremendously, working with 5, 6 and even 7 figure clients worldwide who have been featured in major publications, getting outstanding results whilst growing their own in-house team.


Meet The Founders

Blanaid May

Blanáid May

Jade Smith

Jade Smith

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5 Reasons To Work With May Smith Media

We Are Results Driven

Our main focus when working with clients is to help them achieve the desired results that are expected based on audits and strategies that we create and implement from day one.

We Go The Extra Mile

At May Smith Media our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We are 100% transparent in our methods and have an open line of communication with each and every client.

We Are Constantly Learning

We believe that in order to keep on top of our game and at the forefront of our industry we need to be constantly learning which is why we enrol our team on relevant courses and training days whilst dedicating one day each month to upskilling and learning.

We Have a Proven Track Record

We don’t just talk the talk, we can back up what we say with tremendous results and very happy clients. You can check out our testimonials below to see what our clients have to say about us.

We Speak Your Language

Rather than bore you with technical jargon and meaningless numbers and figures, we speak in a language that you understand. We breakdown exactly what we’re doing and explain it to you in a way that you’ll understand.


  • Great support from Blanaid with curating fantastic content for my social media platforms. We have built a great relationship and she has given some great insights into the ever-changing dynamics to help increase and engage with my audience and connect with my target audience. Thank you.

    Selina Johnson
    Selina Johnson
    - Founder of Selina & Co.
  • Beyond expectations, May Smith Media's high standards, incredible speed, professional approach & outstanding eye for details has been elevating my business in numerous ways. The exceptional services & web design, delivered in high speed and with great communication are most recommended: not only do they know how to increase your online presence - they add soul to it. It's been a true pleasure to work together and I would recommend May Smith Media to everyone who is looking for trustworthy, highly professional change-makers in online presence.

    Marissa Klouwer
    Marissa Klouwer
    - Spiritual Pioneer & Life Coach
  • Since working with May Smith Media, I have seen a huge improvement in my business. They listened to what I wanted to achieve from my social media and how I wanted to market my brand. They created posts that engaged and captured my target audience, which in turn has boosted my sales and many of my original bookings have doubled! My only negative is that I wish I had worked with Blanaid and Jade sooner!

    Karen Tynan
    Karen Tynan
    - Founder of K-Star Academy
  • Jade played a key role in the rebranding of Motoring.co.uk to Regit. The site looks great and we’re already seeing huge improvements in conversions and usability of the site as a result. Diligent, and hard-working, I’d recommend to everyone.

    Steven Morrow
    - Marketing Manager at Regit.cars
  • I have worked with Jade + Blanaid on a number of projects. They have been incredibly supportive and always go above and beyond to deliver a fantastic service. Their work is delivered on time to a high standard. Not only have they helped with the day to day tasks in my business but they are also talented with providing marketing strategies. I have recommended them to a number of clients who have provided positive feedback.

    Vanessa Hallick
    - Mindset + Business Coach
  • I have been working with Blanaid for the past 3 months and have been thrilled with her services! She is professional, timely, and an overall lovely person. She has really helped get my social media accounts for my business on track and helped me meet all my goals. Blanaid also brings a vast amount of marketing and social media knowledge to the table, so she's given my business great direction and new ideas to try. Highly recommend May Smith Media!

    Sam Temsah-Deniskin
    - Founder of The Frosted Petticoat
  • I’ve worked with Jade and Blanaid on a couple of projects and always find them to be really helpful, professional and most definitely the ‘go to’ experts in their field. The value that they give their clients and audiences is second to none! I’ve just completed their ‘Linked In’ mini series and found it hugely beneficial. The videos are bite sized, practical and highly valuable! I can’t wait to sample the next mini series and also work with them some more in my business! Thank you both!

    Kate Hunter
    - Executive Coach
  • I recently watched Blanáid's three-part LinkedIn training. It was great! Brief and concise. I love those kinds of trainings! I've been studying social media for the past 2 1/2 years and I must say I actually picked up some valuable tips from her training. It doesn't hurt that she has a charming accent. I could listen to her talk all day!

    Karen George
    - Founder at KG's Creatives
  • May Smith Media is amazing and will make you feel like their #1 priority. The website they created for me was exactly what I wanted and am extremely pleased. It seemed like I would send an email asking for an update to my website and by the time I clicked send it was already done. May Smith Media should be your first choice for web design or social media services.

    Austen Wehmeyer
    - Founder & Digital Media Strategist at Meyer Global Media
  • I have been using LinkedIn for over 8 years and I thought I knew what I was doing until I met Blanaid and Jade, these two are amazing with tips on how to use it effectively. The person I have become in the process and the skill set I have learned connecting with the right people within the industry I work is overwhelming. I feel connected and inspired by incredible leaders who pour their soul into trainings. They have provided me with a host of educational material and strategies to find my business's ideal clients. Best choice to get coaching for Facebook and LinkedIn if you want to build a thriving business. I will highly recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their brand through Social Media.

    Roy Enock Moyo
    - Owner of Easycare Suppliers UK Ltd
  • I would totally recommend May Smith Media. No job is too small for them. When I told Jade what I wanted she knew exactly what would work for me and the turn around was so quick. I love my new banner. Thanks for making such a difference in my business!

    Nicole Philpott
    - Founder of Nicole Philpott Coaching
  • I asked Jade to design a couple of calendars for me. They weren't just any old calendars, they were rather special calendars. Ireland and Fermanagh from a Kite. Jade made a beautiful job of them and I would not hesitate recommending her to anyone.

    Ciarán May
    - Founder and Photographer at Ireland from a Kite by Birdseye Kite Photography
  • I got to work with Jade on a new homepage website design and a revamp of our logo. Jade was fast and efficient and fluid with ideas. I found her very responsive and effective when delivering her services of the designs for us. Great services and lovely girl to work with! Will work again with her in the near future.

    Alva Horgan
    - Founder and CEO at Just Simple Sell
  • I just wanted to say thank you Blanaid for all of your advice and direction you gave me on my clients Instagram accounts. After the audit and feedback you did for me we are already seeing better results.

    Shelly Allen - Social Media Strategist at Shelly Allen Global
    Shelly Allen
    - Social Media Strategist at Shelly Allen Global
  • These ladies are absolutely amazing! They have a great eye for detail and amazing customer satisfaction. If you need ANY design work, May Smith Media should your first call!

    KaLynn Dier - CEO and Founder
    KaLynn Dier
    - Founder and CEO at SHE Co Gladiator
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